Travail communautaire Ensemble – Vidéo “JE PEUX VOTER 2017”


During the first half of 2017, Inter-Actions has been actively promoting non-luxembourgish citizens’ political participation in this year’s communal elections, coming up on October 8th.

Amongst others, the three services for community work (Projet Ensemble Dudelange, Projet Ensemble Esch & Projet Ensemble Gare/Bonnevoie) organized pop-up exhibitions, information sessions in collaboration with CEFIS, and showed presence on several public events. Throughout some of these activities we’ve collected video interviews with various persons – younger and older, luxembourgish or not. Everyone got the chance to express their feelings about the upcoming elections and the importance of participating in those.

The countdown is on. It’s only until friday, July 14th, that the electoral lists are open for inscription. May this short video be a reminder to inscribe yourselves or a little help in motivating your friends and family to do so.

Further information via: http://www.jepeuxvoter.public.lu/fr.html